China - One of the leading certified companies dealing in Chinese herbs and supplements, Qherb has recently started the production of Pueraria Lobata Extract . The owners claimed that the herb Kudzu root has long been in origin and is known to treat a number of diseases. This includes arterial and venous embolism of retina, coronary heart disease, hypertension, high blood fat and so on. In keeping with the increasing number of heart patients all over the world, the company has hence launched this product to treat those affected the herbal way.

Aside heart, the herb works wonders for diabetes, deafness, alcoholism and diarrhea and dysentery owing to damp heat conditions. The company with its well-trained staff is quite aware that the drug for cardiovascular problems can very well be utilized in biopharmaceuticals. Hence, Qherb maintains perfect standards when the extract is taken, packaged and only after all the criteria have been met, they are up for sale.

“An estimated 7.4 million people perished all over the world due to coronary heart disease, with stroke and diabetes following closely. If you see, the stress to lower one’s lipid content is strong. And our Pueraria Lobata Extract reduces excess fat levels by several notches. We have started our production in bulk, so you can use it in your food and health products,” said an official of the high-tech enterprise

At Qherb, all the botanicals that are manufactured undergo a series of tests to meet the standards of identification, purity and potency. The staffs arrange these tests only after the extracts are ready for sale so as to assure suppliers about the authenticity of products. Besides, the company takes special initiatives in additional testing if customers request for the same.

At a recent press meet, the CEO of the company said, “The one thing that makes us different from the rest is our excellent and stringent quality standard that we guarantee to all. Needless to say, our products and extracts have been in demand in many nations worldwide. This new herb that we have launched will also attract more customers, given its widespread uses”.

About the Company

Qherb is a recognized company that specializes in the production and development of botanical plant extracts and ingredients.

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