Orlando, FL — May. 18, 2016 — Magnesium plays a critical role in the body’s well-being and it’s a mineral that most individuals don’t think about. For those who have difficulty swallowing large supplement pills, a pure magnesium oil spray that’s applied topically provides a convenient alternative.

“The body’s supply of magnesium must be replenished every day and a magnesium oil spray can be applied anytime it’s convenient without worrying about a missed pill,” said Angela Kennedy, founder of Purest Vantage.

Magnesium is a multi-purpose mineral required for more than 300 biochemical functions in the body. It aids in transporting energy to cells, helps the body relax back to a pre-exercise state, and it’s important for bone and heart health. It’s beneficial for addressing pre-diabetes. Magnesium is critical for neurological health and aids the body in processing fat, carbohydrates and proteins.

Magnesium helps muscles and the nervous system function correctly and the mineral is essential for the production of glutathione, the body’s natural antioxidant. It helps in addressing chronic illnesses that include diabetes and fibromyalgia. Those with insufficient levels of magnesium have respiratory problems, are more susceptible to osteoarthritis, and experience cognitive and memory impairment.

People typically fulfill their magnesium requirements through food, but more than 75 percent of Americans have a deficit of the mineral. Magnesium doesn’t stay long within the body and is eliminated through the kidneys, sweating, and the intestinal tract.

A deficiency has a myriad of symptoms that are often overlooked or attributed to other causes. Magnesium insufficiency is difficult to diagnose, since blood tests only measure levels at the time of the test. Poor diets, diuretics, and high-potency calcium, iron and copper supplements contribute to a magnesium deficit.

Some antibiotics, over exercising, disease and illness, and the normal aging process deplete levels, along with some types of foods, the way they’re prepared, and consumption of alcohol and carbonated beverages. Surgery, chronic diseases, and intestinal and stomach disorders can all exhaust magnesium in the body.

Purest Vantage offers a magnesium oil spray with 3,575 mg. of magnesium per ounce, making it the most potent available. It’s applied to the skin and is specially formulated to reduce itchiness that may occur with topical agents. It is purified for the health and safety of consumers and made in the U.S.

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