EU - With the rapid development of international e-commerce during recent years, the number of online site for China purchase agent and TAOBAO agency has had greatly increasing. Most of these online shopping sites mainly sell the cheap stuffs which are ¡°Made in China", including clothing, toys, small appliances, luggage, auto parts and other merchandise products. However, there are many reasons for the popularity of these online business estates from China.

The data from the famous TAOBAO agent has shown that their products have been mainly sent to countries such as Russia, Canada, United States, France, Brazil, UK, Australia and others. Their business scale in 2013 has had great expanding and it will continue to growing in the near future.

¡°Online shopping for China products is not a new thing for me. I often purchase my favorite products from Free Shopping China. Their products are all in high quality and low price." Said MR Maas Olson Who is a Denmark industrial designer live in downtown Copenhagen.

"The cheap price of the products from China purchase agent is one of the main factors which attract me do online shopping. The price level of consumer goods in Danish price level is higher than other countries so that the online shopping in China is a good choice for me to save enough money. By the help of, people can enjoy the low price products without going out of the door." Olson said.

However, the development of the online shopping agent from China such as Free Shopping China taobao shopping service could also face with the difficult challenges. The logistics speed is one of these difficult problems. Currently, consumers from other countries could either enjoy low-cost affordable online shopping after a long period of waiting time or pay high transport costs to experience the facilitate and quick delivery of the online shopping for China products.

In addition to the trouble above, the payment for taxes should be another major constraint when EU citizens or other countries¡¯ citizen experience the online shopping from the Best TAOBAO agent Free Shopping China. If the goods from China¡¯s online site want to entry EU countries, these products will face EU customs checks. The products which have been checked may be subject to import duties, import VAT and other taxes. Furthermore, these products may encounter the punishment or forfeiture. These actually obstacles have greatly limit the development of these China purchase agent.

No matter what kind of situation, these obstacles will be eliminated one by one through the developing of China¡¯s economy. Frankly speaking, the goods on website are really very cheap.


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