07, December 2016: Digital marketing is no doubt the most effective marketing strategy, especially as the concept seems to be growing in popularity, with experts looking for innovative ways of improving in the idea. One of the major constraints to effective mobile marketing is the preparation of content. PubHTML5—online brochure maker is however reputed to help with the production of engaging, captivating and interesting contents that can be viewed on any mobile device.

While publishers and other users of digital marketing have been able to find ways of creating content, the mobile-friendliness of such content have been discovered to be missing. Many contents produced are usually not viewable on mobile devices.

Over 5 million users cannot be wrong and the unique and exciting features of the software, further underlines why the PubHTML5 online brochure maker stands out from the crowd. Publishers can now reach a wider audience with the content produced with PubHTML5 brochure maker as the content can be easily viewed on any device including personal computers, iPhone, Mac, iPad and Android tablets, for absolutely free.

Also, with PubHTML5, content can be viewed by readers and the audience without necessarily installing the app, as the content can be viewed directly from the device. The application converts static PDF, Word document or even PPT files into an interactive digital brochure or page-flipping catalog.

Users can also embed multimedia like photo gallery, movies, and the likes to create a more effective marketing strategy in few steps.

The software is available for Windows and Mac users, coming in different languages including English, German, and French. Free download can go to http://pubhtml5.com/.

About PubHTML5:

PUBHTML5 is a leading digital publishing solutions provider, headquartered in Hong Kong. The company has been able, through its unique and efficient software, to create over 5 million digital contents comprising of e-catalogs and magazines for various publishers across the globe.

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