PTSPI looks for growth stocks and or PRE IPO companies which they alert to their subscribers for free!

February 6, 2015, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – PTS”PI” like the name suggests is a leading Private Investigator for new and emerging market trends. As a company, they have earned the reputation of being a unique Investors Marketing Research Firm that puts special emphasis on the needs and goals of its clients while considering investments. PTSPI focuses on the issues and challenges faced by their clients and provide right solutions that can help the clients make right decisions necessary for the growth of the business.
According to company’s spokesperson: “Focused on the business value of insights, we unite leaders across market research, consumer insights, strategy, innovation, marketing, analytics, shopper insights, media research, customer experience, business intelligence, competitive intelligence and more. WE WELCOME INPUT FROM ALL CEO / COO as well as leaders from smaller start-ups and non – profits.”

Managers are the backbone of a company. They need relevant information in order to introduce products or services that could create value in the minds of customers. However, this value is subject to changes, and what customers value in 2015 might be quite different from what they value in 2016. Hence, this is the reason why marketing research is so important for a business, which involves collection of relevant data and further analysis of it. A marketing research done in the right manner allows manager to have access to all the facts that can help him take right marketing decisions and move in the right direction. In other words, marketing research provides most relevant data to help solve marketing challenges that a business will most likely face–an integral part of the business planning process.

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With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, PTSPI is Canada’s leading Investors Marketing Research Firm that offers right solutions and expertise to uncover the insights a business needs to make impactful decisions that will drive growth.

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