Naas, Kildare, Ireland; 27, July 2016: People who are suffering from any kind of psychological disorders or mental distress can take advantage of Counselling, Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that Leticia Gavin announces to offer at her clinic at Naas, Ireland. Leticia is a qualified psychologist, fully accredited by the HSE and she has treated many patients, suffering problems like stress, depression, aggression, anger, relationship problems, low self-esteem and others. She announces to offer her Counselling Naas program, aimed at improving the health and lifestyle of the general public.

Leticia specializes in the Counselling Co Kildare that focuses on addressing common behavioral issues that adults and adolescents often face. After understanding an individual’s problem, she devises effective counseling sessions to resolve the issues, helping the person lead a happy and contented life in a stress-free environment. Leticia is a trained Psychologist Naas who focuses on a specific course of treatment depending on the individual case. She employs a wide range of techniques to tackle her client’s problems.

According to Leticia, she also offers the CBT Naas Co Kildare that includes a set of cognitive behavioral therapies. With her CBT, she helps people overcome negative thinking and self-defeating behaviours. With this, she ensures emotional wellbeing of her clients who visit her clinic for an effective treatment and developing coping skills to counter the negativity. As a CBT therapist, she helps people overcome their anxiety and fear and feel more confident in life.

Leticia maintains that many people are found suffering from anxiety and depression and which retrain them from achieving success in all walks of life. With her Depression Counselling Naas, she carries out a complete assessment of the client to understand the problem and its complexities. She uses specific techniques and questionnaires to assess the behavioral problem or the mental disorder of an individual. Based on the thorough background information of the client, she carries out her assessment and offers counselling sessions and devises solutions for the treatment of the problem. One can learn more about Leticia and her psychotherapy by visiting the website

About Leticia Gavin:

Leticia is a Psychologist who is fully accredited by the HSE. She is also a registered member of the Psychological Society of Ireland. From her location in Naas, Co Kildare, she provides counselling, psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness. She specialises in working with adults and adolescents, and offers many different forms of psychotherapy.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Leticia Gavin
Telephone: 087 1017919
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