Date :- October 21 2019, Location :- New Delhi A coronary artery disease is a common form of heart decease that decreases blood flow in the arteries that supply blood in the heart causing arteries to block partially or completely. Coronary artery disease symptoms include chest pain, burning, squeezing, sweating, pain in shoulder and arms and dizziness. Coronary artery bypass grafting surgery in India is a surgical procedure in which grafts are connected to blocked arteries and restore the blood supply to the heart which reduces the risk of death. The surgery is performed to relieve dysfunction and lowering chances of heart attack.

To remove the blockages in arteries for improving blood flow in heart coronary artery bypass grafting surgery which is also known as bypass surgery, is generally suggested. It is particularly beneficial for patients who have serious cardiovascular diseases. The surgery is suggested to depending on the overall health of the patient; surgery involves the process of grafting which creates the bypass route of blood to restore the blood supply of the heart. Harvesting the vessel from other parts of the body and grafting over the blocked coronary artery.

Coronary artery bypass grafting surgery in India is performed in one of the three types depending on the patient’s health. The first method is traditional CABG is the most common one used when at least one major artery needs to be bypassed; this surgery is done in an open heart. The second method is Off-pump CABG is performed without opening the heart, but the surgery is similar to tradition once. The third method is minimally invasion direct CABG which is the same as the Off-pump done without opening a heart. This is a robotic surgery which is done with minimal intrusion.

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