On the globe of men's toiletries you will find icons and Proraso products are generally among them. An old and known name in shaving items Proraso makes a complete selection of products to make a good shave a fantastic shave. These items have enjoyed a staunch following among European men for most of the last century.

Founded in 1908 by Florentine Ludovico Martelli, this selection of men's toiletries became preferred among Italian men almost immediately. The recognition of Proraso products has grown to be a global in nature and, today, particularly since the introduction of the world wide web, Proraso shaving products are accessible to men worldwide. Proraso products apparently enjoy a virtually cult-ish following with those men who like shaving regularly with foam cream and razor to more recent techniques of hair removal.

Proraso goods are still made in Florence, Italy by the Martelli family using the same conventional procedure which made them renowned among European men. The shaving soaps frequently serve up luxuriously creamy foam which enables the razor to cut cleanly and very closely without razor burn or discomfort which can spoil the benefit of a close shave.

It really must be said that some men are purists. They find that the application of warm foam to their faces prior to shaving to be one of life's simple delights. These men find the rituals linked to shaving to be part of the process of preparing for a productive day. Like knights donning their armor well before the joust, these men enjoy rather than fear, the morning ceremonies. Here is the kind of man who shops at special shaving boutiques or perhaps stores where we women shop for the bit of bathroom luxuries we so love. Here is a man who is apt to employ the conventional straight razor rather than the typical safety razors created and sold today. Here is a man of difference who enjoys the sensual pleasure that can be a part of his morning ablutions.

Ladies who wish to shop for such a man may find Proraso products more and more available in America's favorite stores both online and in fine bath and beauty boutiques in nearby shopping malls. Among the most popular goods in this line are Proraso pre-shave, Proraso shaving soap, as well as Proraso aftershave. The original Proraso products have a refreshing eucalyptus scent with the tingle that goes together with the menthol scent. The scent is, based on evaluations, not at all overpowering. The residual scent quickly dissipates leaving the skin soft and supple, not strong as some alcohol-based products will.

This excellent line of men's toiletries can be obtained at any drugstore, beauty supply or department store like Target or Walmart. (There have been some buzz among classic shave enthusiasts that the Proraso Target connection might soon be ended, but there is no sound evidence that Target dumping Proraso is in the works at any time soon.) It should also be mentioned that occasionally these items find their way into the cosmetic department - an unusual place to sell men's toiletries in accordance with most men - or in the department wherein spa-like treatments like mud-packs, facials and such like are sold.

In case you are concerned with the inclusion of paraben in your shaving cream, make out that Proraso ingredients do include such preservatives. Whilst some men feel that preservatives are harmful, others assert that the possibility of contamination of the shaving brush and, ultimately, the shaving soap itself is a more threatening scenario.