Lahore, Pakistan; 16, December 2016: FBR in collaboration with real estate attorneys have refreshedthe report of recent property taxes budget for 2016-2017. The property taxes have been updated for more than 16 countries including Lahore. Taxes behaves as a source of revenue for all central and local government. Government performs a specific or particular value of property due to which a tax is paid in specified proportion.Worldwide tax is applied on basis of basic property elements but still it varies in many territories. The attitude of “higher taxes and better” rule is applied everywhere. Premium Search

The authorities have selected main 21 cities for property valuation along with representative of real estate sector. Rate have freshen because of July 31 event and the withholding tax rate vary from 1% to 4%. CGT rates range from 5% to10%. The new rates presented are lower than market prices but have been made higher which involves capital tax gains and profit on every transaction.

No one can simply take lifetime membership for property taxes. Every person have to submit property taxes by due date and it needs to be submit every year. This helps the Government to maintain power because high rates of property taxes are the major concerns. Real estate plays a critical role in the growth of country. Pakistan is also one of those countries where the real estate industries, as well as properties,is contributing well in economy.

The vast gaps have been filled with per marla residential plot prices especially in Lahore. The range per marla is Rs168000 to almost Rs3.8 Million including all the factors involved.With increases WHT, value of Bahria Town Lahoreincreases. Residential property in Azam vloth ranges from Rs. 3.8 million per marla. The rate of Badami bagh and Circular road is Rs 2.37 and Rs 2.2 million respectively. The commercial properties rate range from Rs 5.6 million per marla. The rate of Bahria town Residential property Lahore per marla is Rs. 456,000 and commercial property is 1,005,500.

With the fair price bill and increased property rates of Bahria Town Lahore can invest more money on their upcoming projects. The effect of valuation by FBR will pave way in betterment of Bahria town Lahore. All of the property rates of Bahria Town Lahore are revised and increased.Ratecan be found on their website which is an estimated rate from the experts and dealers. Team of Bahria is recently working on many upcoming projects. This shows a great success and advancement for Bahria Town Lahore. The measures ensure that Bahria Town Lahore will inevitably progress in the near future.

For more details and information about property or news projects visit the website of Bahria Town Lahore. Contact to complaint cell for queries. Details about latest projects, events or various workshops will be provided to all users.

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