“And if I am not mistaken — God grant that I may be — I see the eternal punishment due for my having in freedom, badly understood and acted on the truth, Lord; nor do I know what I may hope for.” This antithesis is drawn between Michelangelo’s incapability to break loose love and his acknowlegdmment that it is the misuse of his freedom that has actually brought his present impotence. In this case, he brings forth the idea that one buys slavery with freedom only to see that when freedom is absued it brings its own loss. While, Michelangelo talks about the mistaken identity of liberty in love, other notable personas have different views on wrongly understood freedom. However, this type of ideas can be showcased by wearing t-shirts with messages, provided you have a faith in them. Now, if you are wondering where to find inspirational clothing; well there are many online shops to look for.

Coming back to the discussion, you may ask; why do we have badly understood freedom and the disagreements about it? The answer to this could be the opposition between the right to choose and determinism, while the second reason could be the simple notion, which is doing what you please. Affirmatively, freedom can be understood when there is a theory of oneself. Similarly, one should be aware of oneself along with its limitations and pretensions.

To be free, notably, is to escape from all the obstacles and the boundaries. Having said that, if you look into it deeply, you will find that freedom has its own necessities and a few conditions without which it might not have exist. On surveying competing ideas of freedom, it is found that the nature of liberty and the confusions surrounding it are deep rooted in the most fundamental ideas of the contemporart Western thought. A prior appropriation of liberty as a human priviledge in relegation to the mechanical necessity is a dangerouus error to both humanity as well as the environment, equally unitelligible.

What differentiates humans from animals is not liberty but usage of symbolsm, extending the wide varietty of options and letting us to see freedom as an apotheosis by which the many customary instutions or nomrs can be judged or altered. If you too believe in this, then you may think of getting a tshirt message and spreading your thought to the world.

The t-shirts with messages are quite easy to get printed. You will have to upload the lines you are in support of in the website and apply for print. If you are someone who thinks that ethical freedom is the way to meet the challenges of nihilism, arising from recognizing the malleability of the culture, then you can think of putting forth the competing conceptions of liberty through the freedom t-shirts.

Wearing inspirational clothing that describes your thoughts can be a good way finding an solution to badly understood freedom.

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