Seattle, WA; 20, July 2016: Recently, Duncan Capicchiano, a naturopath & nutritionist, announced that he hasperfected a drug-free, safe & natural way to reverse kidney disease.

Capicchiano is co-founder of a leading wellness clinic in Melbourne, with a staff of 13 natural health therapists& regularly presents to the community on a variety of health topics. But, in recent years, because of initial health issues of some of his clinical patients,he began a deep study of kidney disease. He knew that he needed to find a solution that would help these people get their lives back on track- permanently.

Capicchiano proudly reports that, after years of research & testing, he has perfected what he calls “The Kidney Disease Solution" that works miracles without harmful drugs and other toxins that are prevalent in everyday living.

Thankfully, for the many people who have discovered Duncan Capicchiano’s work, he has been able to guide former sufferers, some who were on dialysis and/or transplant lists, back to renal health using a multi-pronged approach to healing their kidney disease that includes:

* Nutrition
* Specific herbs
* Minerals & vitamins
* Relaxation & meditation
* Balanced lifestyle
* Gentle & regular exercise, and
* Capicchiano’s exclusive “4 Phase Kidney Healing Protocol”

For additional information & updates, and to see what former kidney disease sufferers have said about Duncan's amazing work with kidney disease, visit:

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