Projector as a modern image display equipment, are increasingly favored by the masses of users.The only consumable of projector- the projector lamp, naturally to explore how to extend the life of the projector lamp, become the focus of people.

According to the development of the projector lamp, from the previous metal halide lamp, to the most widely used UHP, UHE ultra-high pressure mercury lamp, and the developing lamp of xenon lamp, LED lamp, projector lamp life is prolonging continuously, but the price is expensive.

Metal halide lamp, although the price is low, but lamp life is short, just about one thousand hours, the brightness is reduced to the half of original, so has been gradually replaced by a super high pressure mercury lamp, UHP, UHE light source has become the market mainstream, lamp life generally can reach 10000 hours, brightness does not decay at the first 4000 hours, UHP lamp is cold light source, is extensively used in home projector and engineering projector. NSH and SHP are for dc lamps, in some Japanese brands projector are used more frequently.

SHP bulb is high requirement to the polarity, it's easy explosion when the temperatuer is high, and the it make be damage the lenses and accessories of the projector, besides, there are mercury in the projector bulbs, it also will effect the environment, so that, to replace these two bulb to projector need higher requirements.

Now, the world, with a total of seven mainstream manufacturer of projector bulbs, respectively is PHILIPS-UHP, OSRAM-VIP, GE, EPSON-UHE, USHIO-UMPRD/UMVRD/NSH/NSHA, PANASONIC-HS/UHM, PHOENIX-SHP, these manufacturers' original bulbs are often expensive, from 1000-3000 RMB, so change the original bulb at a time, consumers will spend high cost. Thus was born a few manufacturer to produce some replacement bulbs, but quality can't compare with original factory, once again make the projector lamp consumer losses. And the Xenon lamp, LED light sourse still not mature to be the projector light sourse yet, not used widely, then there is the contradiction between the quality and price of the mainstream original lamp.

But now, in the industry, there also have some company already can alleviate the contradiction, such as the Sunbows Photronics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd , they produce light bulb, the original standard quality, moderate price, can be replaced for each mainstream brands projector on the market, lamp life and price are popular with customers. Therefore, under the lead of Sunbows, projection lamp industry there will be changed, bulb price and quality will be develop to customers are looking forward.

About Sunbows

Sunbows Photronics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dealing with stage lighting R&D, manufacture, distribution and services. Stage lighting light source, projector Lamps are our main products, we have rich professional experience in this field. Since the company was founded, we are growing rapidly, our annual output value reached 1-3 million dollars, and now we become one of the industry leaders in China.

Eighty percent of Sunbows's products are export to oversea, the main market is Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia and many other Middle East countries. Depends on our compttitive prices, high quality and reliable service, we received many praises from customers.

Sunbows keep the operation principle: Based on the technology to create the highest quality and security products, to make contributions to society. "To become the world leader in high quality source of innovation" is our enterprise target.

Sunbows - will be your strong support and guide, the dream is no longer far away. Cooperate with us£¡sunbows will bring you bright and colorful future just like the sunbow

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