Project management regularly uses different tools in order to complete different business operations. Although there is a lot of information about these tools online, the best way to fully get to know them is by getting a project management certification. There is a total of four tools that are regularly used in project management and these are represented by brainstorming, by the Fishbone Diagrams which are also known under the name of Ishikawa Diagrams, by the Analysis Flow Diagrams and by the Gantt Charts. Some related tools are also contained by the quality management processes and by the business process modelling. By getting a project management certification anyone can learn more about these as well.


Each of the four tools mentioned above have their own strengths and also their particular purposes. For instance, brainstorming represents the creative stage in the planning of the project management process. Unlike other stages, the brainstorming one is a random technique, one that allows free thinking. Although some decide to ignore this phase and not use it at all when it comes to the planning stage, others value it as it may offer some good ideas that can be helpful in the overall process.


As far as Fishbone Diagrams are concerned, these are mostly used for the fault-detection in the quality management process, but also in the processes of business improvement in the case of production and manufacturing businesses. However, these diagrams can also be used in a very successful manner in task management and in planning phases. The diagrams can prove to be highly efficient in early planning phases, notably in organizing and gathering factors. They can also identify hidden factors which can then be useful in assisting resources areas, larger activities and different process parts.


Although the process of Critical Path Analysis can sound very complicated, a project management certification can teach you that this is a very effective and logical method of managing and planning complex projects. Regularly, a critical path analysis looks like a flow diagram with a linear format. This can help in identifying interdependent and related events and activities. Mainly, it is recommended for this to be used in more complex projects, particularly when interdependency and timing are crucial issues.


Finally, the Gantt Charts tool can also get to be highly appreciated if they are used as correct project management tools. They can prove to be excellent tools when it comes to budgeting, scheduling, presenting, communicating and reporting about project plans and about their progress. They function quickly and easily and they can also identify interdependent factors that can stay in the way of a successful completion of different processes. These charts can easily be created on any spreadsheet, as every activity that they indicate has its separate line. This can also help them to be easily identified. Nonetheless, this can be learned at a proficient level by attending project management certification courses and by getting the final authorization.  

See how you can benefit from getting your project management certification and see how you can use theproject management tools you’re taught in order to help your business develop successfully over the long term.