SAN DIEGO, CA — Flippa, the world’s largest online website auction service just became the launchpad for the sale of SocialMediaGrow , a social media marketing company specializing in white label solutions for agencies and small businesses. The owner’s move to sell has ratcheted up excitement on the platform, and people are noticing.

SocialMediaGrow, originally based in San Diego, CA, but servicing customers worldwide, began as a small website geared towards helping small business owners attract new Facebook fans and Twitter followers to their pages. The popularity of their social media services quickly gave way to new innovative products; including services for YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. These services allow anyone to easily get exposure online through social media.

The popularity of social media and its cost effectiveness has been a major reason why business have adopted social media marketing into their overall outreach plan. As the web becomes more social, and products like Facebook Home help keep consumers connected to social networks, the need for social media marketing services for small businesses is increasing every year. “What’s particularly beneficial for the winner of the auction, is they get me to train them,” says Chris Hasley, owner and auctioneer of the site. “I’ve had a blast running the website, but other things are calling me at the moment and I want to go on to new projects. It’s what I do,” continues Chris.

If you have ever wanted to make money from home, or start your own business with little investment, Flippa has always been a ‘goto’ place for people to find readymade businesses already operating, just like the auction of SocialMediaGrow .

The auction will be over May 9th, 2013. If you are looking for a new business, an additional stream of income, or a new project, hurry up and place your bid .

About SocialMediaGrow

SocialMediaGrow is a fresh, young social media company that offers social media marketing services to small businesses. SocialMediaGrow is poised to grow quickly in the social media space due to its growing white label partnership with marketing agencies and SEO firms.

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