Who said that the fountain of youth does not exist? Plastic surgery has revolutionized the world of beauty and more and more people are turning to it. But the high prices make them seek for solutions abroad. Choosing plastic surgeons in Mexico or plastic surgeons in Dominican Republic seems to be a better alternative when it comes to the cost effective results.


Nowadays, with the fast evolution and variety of plastic surgery procedures, there are more and more people willing to go under the knife to obtain perfection in terms of beauty. Everyone has a little discontentment with a part of their body and thinks of how would it look like if they just found the right surgeon to fix it. However, the prices in the USA for a cosmetic surgery are growing day by day, especially because of the high demand of such procedures. It may be difficult for most people to save thousands of dollars just for a little caprice because health insurance policies don’t cover this kind of surgeries, unless they are for reconstructive purposes.


Some procedures, such as Botox injections, which are especially popular among people above 50 years old, cost on an average $365. It may look cheap, but such a procedure does not last for too long. If you want consistent results, you have to be ready to spend this amount of money every 4 or 5 months. Liposuction, the procedure that makes all the fat disappear once and for all, costs around $3000, but it seems that more than 200,000 people opted for this procedure during 2011 in the United States. A face-lift can easily reach $7000, but the results can make you look up to 8 years younger. Another popular cosmetic surgery is the tummy tuck, which is the best solution for mothers who want to get back to their silhouette after child birth. However, the costs of this procedure are estimated to around $5200.


Having seen these numbers, many people seek for a solution in another place. Searching for plastic surgeons in Mexico, Colombia or Dominican Republic seems to the best alternative. These countries provide the same services, but at prices that are at least half than what you would pay in the United States. But not only Americans seek for plastic surgeons in Dominican Republic. It seems that 23% of the people who turn to cosmetic surgery services abroad are from Spain, while 13% come from Italy. Besides the affordable cost and the high quality results, one of the reasons these people choose plastic surgeons in Dominican Republic, Colombia or Mexico is the fact that they can also enjoy a well-deserved vacation and discover a new country.


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