Pride versus Providence on Love by Chanc
This week’s episode of bindass popular show depicts an interesting tale of love between two haughty personalities

Love is said to conquer all, but not without a few fireworks at first. The upcoming episode of bindass’ show ‘Love by Chance’ narrates one such intriguing story between two strong-headed individuals who may have started off on the wrong foot, but go on to find their happily ever after. This week’s story follows the lives of Mihir and Gayatri, two people who reluctantly agree to meet each other because of their parents, with the sole intention of rejecting each other. But as always, destiny had other plans.

While, the pretty Gayatri has already mastered the art of rejecting boys and is all set to decline her next prospective groom as well, Mihir too is not in favor of getting married to the girl of his parents’ choice. Both the families are in the middle of getting to know each other better when Mihir interrupts and ironically becomes the one to reject the proposal. Gayatri, who is stunned to hear these words of refusal from Mihir’s mouth, gives him an open challenge to make him fall in love with her within two weeks. And just like that, Mihir and Gayatri find themselves in the midst of an amusing love battle of sorts.

But is there more to Gayatri’s challenge than what meets the eye? Has she finally met her match in Mihir? And most importantly, are the two ready to put their ego aside to let destiny take its own course?

To find out, do not miss ‘Love by Chance’ on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 7pm, exclusively on bindass