12, March 2016: The “Idea Debtor” means that person who has many ideas with tons of lore and planning but with little to no execution of those ideas into a tangible action. There must be many people who picture their beautiful visions such as learning a foreign language, being slim or scheduling a traveling etc. These are not easy to fulfill but M3 electric air board can let you never be the “Idea Debtor”. Its magic power is reflected in details in daily life.


For office workers, breakfast time seems so precious in the whole day since they need sleep late but need to get up early. Some of them may spend nearly 30 minutes to walk to the subway-station or wait long time to take bus. They prefer most of the time to spend on sleeping instead of having breakfast. This is not a healthy lifestyle. However, after owning the electric air board, people can ride it to go to the subway station so that they save more time. M3 is much easier to learn comparing to traditional ones since it is manipulated by a 2.4G wireless remote control. Riders can have the time to have a breakfast or ride M3 to eat outside.


For girls who are always talking about the weight loss program, exercising is a good way. But as we know, it is not easy to insist. Even if having fitness card, most people are unable to do it regularly. Contrarily, people would like to stay at home for watching movie or playing games and sometimes just jogging is a little boring. Although M3 electric skateboard could be manipulated by a wireless remote control, it also requires rider’s body to handle the speed and direction.

If you don’t want to be an idea debtor, try to ride Airwheel M3 to finish your things.

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