President Joyce Banda was meets with US President Barack Obama at the White House on 28th March, 2013. Together with Mrs Joyce Banda, Mr Obama hosted President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone, President Macky Sall of Senegal and Prime Minister José Maria Pereira Neves of Cape Verde. This invitation is a great recognition for President Joyce Banda's efforts in strengthening democracy and expanding human rights and civil liberties in her country.

The same is true for His Excellency President Sall.  There were some bumps in the road in terms of transition from the previous President, and yet, the Senegalese rose up at the grassroots level and sustained their democracy.
And Cape Verde is a real success story.  We were hearing from Prime Minister Neves about the fact that just in a few decades they have moved from a per capita income of maybe $200 a year to now $4,000 a year, and are now moving into the middle of the pack in terms of development levels because of good governance and management."