The ACB has a legal mandate of preventing corruption in Malawi under the Act. It was therefore given the function of taking a lead in the fight against corruption. The following are the functions of the Bureau under the Act:To take necessary measures for the prevention of corruption in public and private bodies, including, in particular, measures for.

Examining the practices and procedures of public bodies and private bodies in order to facilitate the discovery of corrupt practices and secure the revision of methods of work or procedures which in the opinion of the Bureau may be prone or conducive to corrupt practices;Advising the public bodies and private bodies on the ways and means of preventing corrupt practices, and on changes in methods of work or procedures of such public and private bodies compatible with the effective performance of their duties, which the Bureau considers necessary to reduce the likelihood of the occurrence of corrupt practices.

Disseminating information on the evil and dangerous effects of corrupt practices; Enlisting and fostering public support against corrupt practices; This function is executed by the Corruption Prevention and Education Division as per President Joyce Banda. Receive any complaints, reports or any information of any alleged or suspected corrupt practice or offence under the Act,Investigate any complaint, report or other information received under paragraph (b), Investigate any alleged or suspected offence under this Act,

Malawian president Joyce Banda purpose is to Investigate any offence under any written law disclosed in the course of investigating any alleged or suspected corrupt practice or offence under this Act. If subject to the direction of the Director of Public Prosecution, prosecute any offence under this Act,Investigate the conduct of any public officer which, in the opinion of the Bureau, may be connected with, or conducive to, corruption and to report thereon to the appropriate authority;To inquire into any matter in relation to the exercise of it other functions under this act.