(Free Press Release) Lovegreen Risk Management, LLC, a machine safety solutions company, is pleased to announce that it has become a distributor of Zippswitch Products.

Atlanta, GA August 13, 2011 -- This partnership allows us to offer an even larger selection of machine safety products assuring that your machines are properly guarded. Some of their products include Pressure Sensitive Safety Mats, Safety Edges and Safety Bumpers.

Zippswitch Safety Bumpers are industrial grade, pressure sensitive, safety switches. Safety Edges and Safety Bumpers are mounted to moving parts of an industrial machine that may cause a hazardous work environment.

The Zippswitch Safety Mat is an industrial grade, pressure sensitive, presence sensing device. As an integral part of the machine safety circuit, the Safety Mat is designed to protect personnel and objects from hazardous machine conditions.

The Zippswitch family of sensors were created to fill a neglected segment in the world of presence sensing. In the market of continuous length switches, many companies offered a well engineered product with valued features and attributes, but missed the mark when it came to mounting, interfacing to the application, user friendliness, and cost. Zippswitch not only met these challenges, but elevated the bar to a higher standard.

Zippswitch designs and manufactures standard and custom products to fit the needs of the application. Their team is committed to satisfy the demanding needs of every sensing and control challenge. Their experience and resources are aligned with our customer‘s needs to ensure we meet our ultimate goal of Customer Satisfaction.

Each component of our products is carefully chosen from approved vendors and sources. The manufacturing and quality departments are trained to continually improve the manufacturing techniques and processes through quality inspection, statistical techniques and random quality audits. This process ensures our incoming, in-process and finished products meet and exceed our customers‘ requirements of quality, durability and price.

"Our decision to partner with Zippswitch Products was based on our customers' desire for complete machine guarding solutions from a single vendor. Their products are reliable, durable and easy to install,” said Chuck Oestreich, New Product Development Manager at Lovegreen. “The product selection, quality and value made Zippswitch the logical choice to partner with."

About Lovegreen - Founded in 1948, Lovegreen Industrial Services is located in Eagan, MN, minutes south of Minneapolis / St. Paul metropolitan area. Founded by Vernon Lovegreen Sr. in 1948, it remains a family owned business. Our core businesses include a Millwright Division, Machine and Fabrication facility and a Machine Safeguarding Department. With over 30 years of machine guarding experience, Lovegreen Risk Management is here to help protect your employees from injuries. Services offered include on-site machine guarding surveys, risk assessments, guarding installation services and guarding supplies.

About Zippswitch Products - Since 2006, Zippswitch Products has designed and manufactured Safety & Signal Switches and Electronic Safety Relays at our facility in Bay Shore, New York, USA. Their goal is to provide the highest quality products, at a lower cost to our customers. Each product can be configured in hundreds of different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of each application. All products are tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratory, UL508.  Zippswitch Products are Designed & Manufactured in the USA, Patent No. 7659485.

To learn more about how Zippswitch Products can help your meet your machine safeguarding needs, please contact Frank Schmidt at [email protected] or by phone at 800-262-8284.

Press Contact:
Frank Schmidt
Lovegreen Risk Management, LLC
Eagan, MN
[email protected]