Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy has been offering prenatal massage therapy in New Jersey for quite some time.  However, there is one common and persistent misconception among newly pregnant parents and their physicians: massage therapy during the first trimester is dangerous.

Fortunately, when your therapist is certified in prenatal massage, this is not the case.  There has been no concrete evidence to support the fear that massage during the first trimester can cause a miscarriage to occur. However,  the vast majority of miscarriages occur in the first trimester, and thus here we find the source of the concern.

It is likely that the reality of miscarriage often occurring during that time period has led to a greater than warranted amount of fear.  There are, however, some reasons for this fear.  If a massage therapist is not specially trained, there are some concerns for the safety of the pregnant woman.  These concerns are serious, and continue throughout the pregnancy, not just in the first trimester.  This is why a certified prenatal  therapist is crucial.

A therapist working with us must be trained through a recognized certification program, such as those offered by Carole Osborne or Judith Koch.  Both of these teachers are well-versed in prenatal massage, with decades of experience providing massage and teaching the techniques to others.  Both of their courses explain which techniques are appropriate to be used in the first trimester, and assure their students of its safety.  Both have provided therapy in this first trimester to many clients with good results.

Being able to receive a massage during the first trimester of pregnancy is greatly important, as this is a time when the body is going through many changes, and can benefit from a massage.

All of the therapists who work with Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy have been certified by one of these specialized training programs.  There are other courses that therapists can take that do not prepare them quite as well, notably those trainings offered as part of a chain spa's training.

Most of these consist only of teaching a routine to the therapists, and have no focus on learning about pregnancy itself or the contraindications that this naturally brings for a massage session.  The idea being that if they stick with the routine, they will naturally not perform anything contraindicative, however, they do not know the reasons behind this and may accidentally cause problems.

Any therapists who have taken such courses are required by our company to supplement them with courses by recognized leaders in the field, so that they are providing the safest massage during pregnancy.

Of course, massage during the later months of pregnancy is necessary and helpful since this is the time that the body is growing at the greatest pace, and when the aches and pains are at their height.

During the last trimester, many physicians will recommend having a prenatal massage, since there is really no relief that a doctor can offer for the complaints that these women often present with.  Most pain medications are off-limits to pregnant women, and many times prenatal yoga once a week is simply not enough to take away the aches in the back and neck, and the swelling in the extremities.  These are just some of the conditions of pregnancy that a massage session can help with.

For the greatest convenience, Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy offers all prenatal massage sessions in the pregnant woman's home.  This enables her to get a massage even when she is confined to bedrest.  Many of our clients have had sessions while prescribed bedrest, since this produces lymphatic stagnation as well as pains of its own, all to prevent an early labour and birth.  If contractions have started too soon, or if the cervix is dilated when it should not be, or if other conditions are met, bedrest may be prescribed.

Pregnant women can start a course of massage sessions at the very start of their pregnancy, as soon as they know they are pregnant, or they can wait and start at any other time during the course of those nine months.  To gain the most benefit from prenatal massage, it is helpful to start as soon as the pregnancy has begun, in order to reap all of the scientifically studied benefits of massage, and to reduce the aches and pains that will invariably come as the pregnancy nears the end of its term.  Therapists from Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy are always ready to travel to the pregnant woman's location to provide prenatal massage by a certified prenatal massage therapist.

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