Offering the world class products since 1997, Premiere Sales offers the best range of whole house water purification system as well as other water filtration systems.

Being able to drink purified water is mandatory for overall wellbeing and in a bid to enable one to avail the best of purification systems; Premiere Sales offers a wide array of the world class water purification systems. They take pride in offering various brands like 3M Purification, Aqua Pure, Everpure, Grainger, Hoshizaki, Premiere, Pentek, and Watts Premiere. Besides offering the best quality whole house bacteria water filter, Premiere Sales offers High Flow Membrane Water Purification System that offers a continuous 8 gallon per minute flow rate with zero waste water and no requirement for storage tank and electricity. The membrane filters to 0.02 micron, and is certified to remove over 99.99% Bacteria, over 99.99% Virus, and over 99.95% Giardia & Cryptosporidium from drinking water. In addition it eliminates colloidal materials, sand, silt, sediment, and relatively high molecular weight organic material. The whole house water filtration offered by them is absolutely of the best quality as they are made from the top quality materials.

One of the spokesperson comments, “Great store, fast and accurate shipping. Just what you want on the internet. Thanks”, while another goes on, “Thanks for great service. Received parts yesterday. My RO filter system is up and running just fine!” Such testimonials reflect nothing but the impeccable service and world class product offered by the company at the most competitive prices.

The Whole House Water Filter offered by the company for sediment/Taste/Odor/Scale is able to remove sediment, scale build-up, taste/odor, chlorine, chloramine, THMs (trihalomethanes), VOCs (volatile organic chemicals), MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether). The Whole House or Point-of-Entry 316L Stainless Water Filter provides nearly twice the life of its closest competitor 10 year warranty and the premium drain port allows quick and easy draining during cartridge change-out. Premiere Sales also offers international shipping and does its best to make sure international packages go through with no delays or additional duties.

About Premiere Sales:
Premiere Sales remains one of the best providers that offer water filtration systems at the cheapest price online.

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