02, April 2015: Spring is here and for some homeowners that means it’s time to take their home up to a new level. Most of them think they need to knock down a wall or rip up the carpets to really improve their home. What if they could do a few minor jobs that would keep one part of their home in good condition for years to come? The fact is that a few preventative plumbing tasks can have a major impact on the future condition of many homes. That’s why Premier Plumbing & Air has created a list of tips for homeowners who want to keep their plumbing running well every day.

What a Drain

Does anyone think about their drainage piping? Most people don’t give it a second thought unless it’s blocked and causing a problem in the home. That’s why it’s important to have them professionally cleaned by a plumber at least once a year. It’s also a good idea to have a sink strainer in the kitchen and utility room. Homeowners with iron stomachs can also use long tweezers to clean hair from the bathroom sink drain and the bathtub drain. Less adventurous souls can pour a pot of boiling water down their sinks once a month.

Stop Torturing Your Toilet

Most homeowners want their toilet to last a long time, but treat it like they don’t mind replacing it tomorrow. The fact is that most toilets are made of porcelain and will crack if they are abused. They aren’t supposed to be used as a bathroom ladder and they aren’t meant to be stood on. In most events a cracked toilet will have to be replaced. “It’s important to note that toilets aren’t used as an extra garbage can. When they are treated like that, the pipes get clogged and the toilet doesn’t function properly. Eventually a large clog can form that can only be fixed by a plunger. In fact, if it gets large enough it can crack the pipe and cause it to burst.”, said Sandy Brownlow of Premier Plumbing and Air. So, it really pays to put garbage in the trash can. That’s where it belongs if you don’t want to replace your pipes.

Safe Septic Tank

When a septic tank is properly maintained it’s odorless and everyone’s happy. In order to keep it in good working order it needs to be pumped every one to three years. This of course depends on the size of the tank and how many people are living in the house. It’s also important not to pour grease or chemicals down drains as that can upset the balance of bacteria living in the tank. As stated before, keep the garbage in the garbage can. Homeowners also need to be careful where they plant trees. A good rule of thumb is to keep 100 feet of distance between the tank and the tree. This will prevent the roots of the tree from causing damage. Slow drains, backed up pipes, and a lingering foul smell are all problems that can be avoided if the septic tank is properly maintained.

A lot of preventative plumbing involves treating pipes with care and that starts by being cautious of what goes down the sink and the toilet. Couple that with hiring a professional to clean the pipes and empty the septic tank once a year and most plumbing problems can be avoided.

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