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Eyes are considered as the most beautiful part of a human face. You must have heard a lover saying the term “Your eyes are beautiful” times and again. Each person has a distinct trait and characteristic which makes him/her prominent from one another; same is the case for eyes. Big and round eyes are considered as a sign of beauty among females whereas naturally colorful eyes like blue shaded ones looks inspiring over males. 

Many people wear artificial colored lenses which give their eyes similar color shade to that of a lens. Although a professional optician suggests that wearing a lens just for fun may even harm a human eye. 

There are some amazing, strange, informative and funny facts about a human eye which you might have never known. These are as below; 

A careful study reveals that a human eye blinks approximately about 4,200,000 times during a year. 

Do you know that shape of a human eye remains same from birth whereas nose and years tend to grow in size?! 

The blinking of an eye keeps it moist and clean as it helps to wash tears over the eyeballs. 

Eyelash prevents dust and dirt from getting in an eye whereas eyebrow stops the sweat from getting in. 

Shark cornea is similar to a human cornea and has already been used in a surgery. A human eye cornea is the only organ in a body which doesn’t have any blood vessel. 

Human weighs up to 28 gm and can discriminate around 500 shades of gray. 

While crying, you might have observed your nose running, this is due to the fact that flow which from our eyes are drained into the nose. 

Baby eyes cannot generate tears until the baby get 6-8 weeks old. 

A human eye can either be black, brown, blue, green or gray which is due to the color of the “Iris” which a muscle around the pupil. 

A human eye is considered to have super curing ability as it can clean dust and dirt while healing scratches within 48 hours. 

Eyes are very delicate and sensitive organs which must not be experienced upon by anything. Scientists have also considered it as a wonder of nature. 

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