Offering quality Rebar design detailing and Bar bending schedules at affordable cost!

OSD services is trusted choice of Architects, Builders and Pre-cast fabricators to obtain accurate Rebar bending details that meet all the guidelines and standards. We assist engineers in all aspects of the reinforcement work right from design, detailing, construction, fabrication and placing.

With extensive experience of working on various projects across US, UK & Canada, we have obtained the skills and reputation to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Rebar detailers understand your requirements in detail with no room for errors or waste, and a commitment and intent to maximize customer‘s results.

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We provide quality design support for projects of all sizes:

  • Rebar design layout
  • Bar bending schedules (BBS)
  • Rebar detailing
  • Rebar shop drawings
  • Fabrication details
  • Concrete foundation rebar design
  • Precast RC detailing
  • Working drawings
  • Miscellaneous engineering work

Outsourcing your Rebar design requirements to us can save you time and money by utilizing our domain expertise and advance CAD techniques. Our highly skilled Rebar detailers strive to provide accurate reinforcement details and necessary support that you are seeking.

Save 60% on your Concrete Rebar design and Detailing costs today! We can quote by job, sheet or man-hour (hire rebar detailers for specific jobs).

Should you desire more details about our Rebar detailing services email us at [email protected] or inquire through our contact form.