(Free Press Release) Ravi Energie provides PSI certification as being mandated Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) Agency and a Pre Shipment Documents from us is required for Customs Clearance in the Member Countries. Pre shipment inspection activities are all activities relating to the verification of the quality, the quantity, the price, including currency exchange rate and financial terms, and/or the customs classification of goods to be exported to the territory of the user Member. We are member of International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA); we strictly follow guidelines as mentioned by IFIA for all Inspections and staunchly believe in our Social Responsibility.

Ravi Energie specifying that the goods have been inspected before shipment and the price of the goods exported has been verified after Pre-Shipment Inspection. The governments use pre shipment inspection agencies‘ services for a variety of reasons, including to prevent capital flight or undervaluation of imports and to compensate for the inadequacies in customs and other administrative structures. The pre-shipment inspection has been introduced throughout the world to safeguard the Interest of both buyer and seller. Once a pre shipment inspection entity and an exporter agree on an inspection date, the pre shipment inspection entity conducts the inspection on that date unless it is rescheduled on a mutually agreed basis between the exporter and the pre shipment inspection entity. Ravi energie regularly carry their internal audits and have a unique client and employee feedback system through which they make sure that all the rules for inspections are being followed.

Ravi energie is exploring new areas of business and also setting up offices in all the major capitals of the world to become the one stop solution for all kind of PSI Certification and another trade & consulting services. Ravi energie is an USA based PSI Certification company.

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