Yorkshire, UK; 21, March 2017: A wedding singer can offer a fantastic entertainment during a wedding ceremony and can turn it into a mesmerizing event for everyone. This is the reason why wedding singers are in great demand who can actually create a magic with their music and performance. In Yorkshire, Steven Heath is a popular wedding singer as well as guitarist who can provide amazing live music and also pre-recorded music for wedding ceremonies.

The wedding singer Yorkshire offers his live wedding music performances in many venues in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, and other parts of the UK. He can design pre-recorded music solutions as per the choice of the guests and can also perform that can enthrall everyone. As per the demand of the marrying couple and their family, Steven can plan the music, right from the wedding night till the final dance. He includes the type of music that everyone will enjoy listening to.

The wedding guitarist Yorkshire has years of experience in providing wedding music for a marrying couples. He already has played at over 200 wedding ceremonies in different venues across the UK in the last 5 years. According to him, his pre-recorded music entertains guests and inspires them to hit the dance floor. He carefully picks musical numbers of various artistes, from Johnny Cash to Justin Bieber that can present a pulsating music for all types of guests present at the wedding ceremony.

Steven works hard to compile every song that can deliver a memorable music experience that is tailor-made to meet the requirements of both hosts and guests. He knows what kind of music people will love to hear during a wedding ceremony. Depending on the theme of the wedding, he carefully picks popular numbers so that everyone can have an exciting live music experience. With years of experience of performing in different weddings, Steven has now developed a proficiency to deliver the right kind of music to enthrall his audience. To know more about him or his musical journey, one can visit the website https://www.stevenheath.co.uk/.

About Steven Heath:

Steven is a full time acoustic wedding guitarist and singer based in Yorkshire. He works with couples to provide amazing live music for their weddings in venues in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Derbyshire, the North East and across the UK. He provides a total live and pre-ecorded music solution for the wedding day, right from the ceremony to the final dance. Steven has been performing as a musician since he was 12 years old and in the past 5 years he has played at over 200 weddings across the UK.

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