24, September 2015: After Prague Airport’s summer flight schedule came into effect on 29th March this year, the number of connections and destinations has vastly increased, along with facilities available within the airport itself. With new shops, restaurants, a chapel (for people of any faith) and a children’s play area, the airport has improved to accommodate the broad range of new flights available.

Increased Revenue Expectations

Experts say it’s not just travellers who feel the benefits of improved transport connections; any businesses operating in the area are likely to see increased revenue as a result. A spokesperson for airport transport company Shuttle Direct said: “We have closely followed Prague Airport’s progress over the past year and are delighted to see that it not only boasts an increased range of connections, but also a fantastic customer experience for those within the airport itself. As ever, we at Shuttle Direct are more than happy to meet the needs of anyone using the airport, whether they’re travelling to or from Prague Airport”.

The airport’s recent developments include a new, elegant and user-friendly parking system, increased numbers of Ryanair and Easyjet flights for travellers on a budget, and better connections with the Far East as well as with the rest of Europe. These improvements come as a welcome development to people who work in and around the airport, as well as all those involved in Prague’s tourism industry and local residents with a passion for travel. Experts say they expect an associated increase in demand for transport firms like Shuttle Direct as a result of the larger numbers of travellers that these developments will bring.

“Prague has long been an internationally renowned tourist destination”, said a London travel agent when reached for comment. “It is only sensible, then, that the city has transport connections and airport facilities to match”.

As a travel destination, travel industry insiders say the city has long proved popular with those in search of a thriving nightlife, as well as a rich cultural and architectural heritage. This seems set to continue with the extensive schedule of available flights.

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