Wilmington, DE — May 25, 2016 — For many people with diabetes, there are many things to avoid and do to manage their overall condition. They need to choose the right type and amount of food and beverage to consume as well as take their medications as prescribed by their doctor. However, there are other things that they should include in their to-do list, and one is to take better care of their feet.

Practicing proper foot care routines is significantly helpful for diabetes sufferers. Diabetes is highly prevalent nowadays in many areas around the globe. This condition causes elevated sugar levels in the blood.
When there is too much sugar in the blood, it cause result in poor blood flow as well as nerve damage. Severe foot problems may also take place.

Nerve damage can impede in proper signaling. When signals are sent, they are typically done at the wrong times. Nerve damage is something that diabetes sufferers should watch out for as it can lead them to lose their feet.
Poor blood flow can also lead to undesirable consequences as it makes a sore or infection difficult to heal. Bad infection never even heals and can even result in Gangrene, which makes the affected area black and smelly.

According to experts, individuals with diabetes are more susceptible to foot problems. When they suffer from foot problems, they often have difficulties walking due to pain. They need to avoid having thickened calluses to reduce their risk of infections.

Calluses are thick layers of the skin that can harden over time when not properly addressed. They usually develop when the skin is exposed to friction or pressure, especially when one uses ill-fitting shoes. Eliminating calluses can significantly reduce the risk of infections.

Diabetes sufferers should ensure that when they suffer from a callus, it should not turn cracked and dry. Individuals who are already suffering from a foot problem should ensure that they discuss it with their healthcare provider.

Doctors can do tests to check the blood flow of the feet as well as advised sufferers to monitor their blood glucose. They are typically advised to know if the numbers are too low or high. Sufferers should check their feet every day for infected toenails, cuts, sores, and calluses.

Individuals with diabetes who do not feel any pain or sensation in the feet may already be suffering from serious foot problems. It is also important to note that calluses in the feet could hide infections, and thus, sufferers should address them properly.

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