Free Practice Test says that they have developed the Driving Theory Practice Test, that is a desktop application that can prepare people suitably for taking the Driving Theory test. According to Free Practice Test, this Windows application is easy to use because its user interface is quite simple.

This application consists of 293 questions that have been grouped into 9 different subjects, says Free Practice Test. They continue that users should use 293 minutes for answering these questions which means that users will have about one minute for every question. There are 4 answers for every question and those who take the test will have to tick the right answer by clicking on "Mark as Answer". For unanswered questions, "Not Attempted" will be shown on the final screen. Free Practice Test points out that the app will show a screen to display the summary of the answers and the score to help the users evaluate their own skills in the test.

The time left will be shown on the upper right of the screen, adds Free Practice Test. The hint given below the questions will guide the users to choose the right answers. Free Practice Test takes pride in pointing out that the app has a good UI and so, its functionality and appearance are certain to be liked by every user.

Free Practice Test lists out the benefits of this Driving Theory Practice Test . According to them, the benefits of this test are that the candidates can practice the driving theory conveniently at their homes so that they can prepare for the actual test, the candidates will like the simplicity and the ease of using the user interface of the app and that this app is very much compatible with all the versions of Microsoft Windows. Free Practice Test asserts that the test consisting of 293 questions has been grouped into 6 main subjects for the convenience of the users.

About Free Driving Theory Practice Test

Free Driving Theory Practice Test is a Windows application that has been developed by Free Practice Test. With the help of this practice test, users can practice well and prepare themselves suitably for taking the real test. The app is easy to use due to its simple user interface.

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