Don’t misuse fuel, Save it

PR 24x7 Network Limited appeals people to be vigilant in keeping cities green and pollution free


People are habitual of showcasing prosperity. While some prefer to show it to neighbors only, more are desirous to exhibit same at mass level. Parking numbers of vehicles in garages and beneath porches is some thing special kind of way to exhibit prosperity. It is true that with growing measures of earning wealth, more people have become prosperous, but does it mean that the earned money they invest lavishly? There was time when even a two wheeler vehicle including bicycle was considered richness of a family. With growing time and invention of fuel, petrol became necessity of people and two wheeler petrol vehicles became the premium choice of middle class people. The upper class families were already habitual of maintaining four wheeler vehicles. It was in last century when owing to growth and revolution in automotive industry, more vehicles was manufactured across the world, and a habit of making attractive and affordable vehicles became passion of all manufacturing industries. Now aspirants of new vehicles remain in search of some unique and innovative vehicles capable to enrich their vehicle stock. But every day is not Sunday. People must understand that all days are not equal. A time may come when they are not in the situation like today. So instead of waiting any more, they should start curtailment of expenses on vehicles and fuels from today, and save money not only for better future, but in interest of society, state, and country also.


Only few people will be found who are not interested in pollution free atmosphere. These may include those who have no concern for others health and rush their vehicles overlooking traffic rules and leaving voluminous carbon dioxide for others. Such people should be taken to task by on lookers and traffic police. On the other hand, we found most of the people who love infrastructure and want to give their contribution to keep their city green and pollution free. Such people need not worry as PR 24x7 Network Limited, the premium public relation company of the country has some unique tips which if followed in real sense could create revolution in your daily undertakings, but will also generate your  contribution to society without any investment. Here are few tips:



  • Do not purchase any more automotive vehicles, and if possible, sell a few.


  • Minimize use of vehicles. Chalk out daily programs in such a way that while driving your vehicle, no seat is unoccupied. Either your family member or neighbor, whose destination is in your way could be accommodated.


  • Use bicycle at least once in a week to go to your office. Practice will help you to keep you fit.


Atul Malikram, Managing Director PR 24x7 Network Limited says” We have been making people aware about serious effects of emission of voluminous carbon dioxide from vehicles running on roads perishing environment of city. The black poison is not only affecting our health but creating the atmosphere where no one likes to stay any more. As charity begins from home, we have initiated few steps from our side:


  • All staff members have taken oath to come to office using bicycles once in a week.
  • On other five days, no staff will reach office singly, but with peers.
  • Staff having four wheeler vehicles will give lift to staff residing nearby or on the route.
  • If vehicles are not occupied fully, incumbents working nearby  our office or in the way could be accommodated.


I am sure the initiation started by us will inspire others to make them fit and contribute a lot to keep their cities green and pollution free.”


For further information, please contact,

Atul Malikram


[email protected]