The first 40 days after a woman gives birth is considered a period of healing. It’s the time when the body recuperates from the physical stresses of bearing and giving birth to a child. Hormone levels begin to normalize and the womb returns to its original size. Other internal organs which were pushed aside to give space to the child also return to their original positions.

Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy offers postnatal massage to new mothers to help them recuperate from giving birth. They have therapists that have been trained by Carol Osborne of Body Therapy Associates, as well as Judith Koch's intense program, so you can be sure of safe and quality services.

An age old Indian tradition of taking care of new mothers includes postnatal massage sessions that last for around six weeks. The healing period is called Jaappa. The massage sessions are done together with specialized diets that are meant to increase milk production and strengthen the blood through increased hemoglobin.

In India, the mother of the new mother usually carries out postnatal massage, as well as giving the baby a daily bath coupled with massage. Thus, the therapy is done on both the mother and child. If the grandmother is not available for some reason, there are massage therapists called maalishwali whose services can be hired. The maalishwali usually comes to the new mother’s house or place of confinement daily, or according to the mother’s preference until the 40-day Jaappa period is completed.

What used to be only available in India has come to the shores of New Jersey. But unlike traditional maalishwali, Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy only employs qualified Pregnancy Massage Therapists who have undergone professional training and certification.

But even with modern education, they are still equipped with the proper know-how in facilitating traditional Jaappa to new mothers and babies because they are well versed in the Ayurvedic massage theory and technique.
A pre-selected therapist will visit you at home so you don’t have to travel.  We understand that you need to reserve your energy in order to regain your strength, and in many cases doctors in New Jersey recommend that the new baby not leave the home for three months, until their vaccinations have begun.  This, in turn, would make it very difficult for the new mom to leave the house for her jaappa treatments.

The combination of skills ensures that  mothers get the best of both contemporary Western and traditional Indian practice. It’s a good thing that this practice has reached the US, making postnatal massage in NJ within reach. We are a trusted New Jersey postnatal massage service provider and we will take care of your postnatal therapy needs. Give us a quick call or shoot us an email. You can find our contact information on our website, We’ll be more than glad to discuss our services with you.

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Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy ( has been providing mobile massage services in the New Jersey area for over 10 years.  We are not a giant company beholden to shareholders and others; we are totally focused on our clients.  We have many appreciative clients all over New Jersey.  All of our therapists are highly qualified and experienced, who are licensed and insured with the State of New Jersey.

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