First let’s find out if your home or one that you are looking to purchase has lead paint. The general rule of thumb is if it was built before 1978 there is a good chance that it has lead-based paint. Now why is lead-based paint dangerous? Well because the lead dust is a common cause of lead poisoning. Most of the times people just merely painted over the lead-based paint with new layers so one may not be able to tell if it is old paint by just a visual inspection. Although the danger still lurks because if the new paint chips then this leaves the lead-based layer exposed.

Why is it so dangerous? Because lead can cause damage to the brain and other vital organs. Some symptoms can be behavior problems, learning disabilities, seizures and in some extreme cases of lead poisoning even death. It is particularly dangerous for young children and pregnant women, but people of all ages are still at risk of lead poisoning.

What Can I Do to be Safe?

Check to make sure your paint on the walls is not deteriorating and in good shape. Some dust can contain lead from the paint on the walls but if you routinely dust and vacuum and make sure the paint is not peeling then there should be no major problem. “You don’t have to treat your home for lead-based paint if you don’t plan on chipping or disturbing the surface layer” Says Leo Bran, the owner of Bran Construction LLC - Painting which are Portland Painting Contractors.

This painting division recommends that if you have small children or pets running through your home regularly then make sure they are not disturbing the paint or chewing on railings and in this case would highly recommend treating and removing the paint on all surfaces in your home. This process is not the usual repainting and adding a coat over the existing layer. Disturbing any deteriorating paint that is peeling, chipping, chalking, cracking leaves room for dusting to spread in your home and if you are unprotected and inexperienced in dealing with this process then it can be dangerous.

To avoid exposure to this household danger, it is highly recommended to hire an experienced painting company that is certified and knows how to deal with the process of paint that is tested positive for lead-based paint. It may be tempting to try to take care of the painting project in your home on your own, but keep in mind if you aren’t following the process correctly it might be best to invest in the safety of your loved ones and contract a professional team that knows the proper way of dealing with lead-based paint.