Experts agree, not all French Press coffee makers are created equal.  Markus Reichenberger, manufacturers of French Press that's rising in popularity everyday understand this well.  Recently, the company celebrated their special and unique filter system that they feel give the product a head's up over the competition.

The search for the best possible cup of coffee at home is certainly something that interests many people. Generally, a French Press coffee maker is suggested, but in 2016 there's also much more to consider. Enter popular MarkusR French Press Coffee Maker, which has won great praise from shoppers. The company is quick to celebrate the unique design of the coffee maker's filter system as a big part of the reason why it's gaining so much traction — a clear case of mixing traditional design and knowledge with the willingness to innovate, only when the innovation adds to the experience.

“The company is based on a strong conviction to deliver our customers quality and solutions allowing them easier and more pleasant life,” commented Rudolf Vago, CEO of Markus Reichenberger(” The basic pillar is the added value. We know this is a coffee maker that exceeds expectations.”

According to the company, the revolutionary design of the French Press's one of a kind filter system consists of a three pat stainless steel mesh filter, that's PBA free and an additional extra strainer in the lid. The end result is a consistently better cup of coffee, free from grinds floating in the cup — a common criticism less well thought out French Press coffee makers receive from other brands.

Feedback for the product has been positive across the board. Shirley Knott, recently said in a five star review, “This is a fabulous french press( I love the rich flavor of the coffee from the french press, and this one has the advantage of having a strainer in the lid so no grounds get into your cup.”

Markus Reichenberger
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