Pooja Banerjee to Marry Mrunal Jain

Naagarjun - EkYodha actors Mrunal Jain and Pooja Banerjee will be seen getting married in the coming episodes of the show. Pooja Banerjee who essays the character of Noori in the show will agree to marry Rajbir played by Mrunal Jain so as to safeguard her love interest, Arjun played by Anshuman Malhotra in the show whose life is in danger.


Pooja Banerjee was seen all decked up in a Red Lehenga for this sequence and looked quite happy about it as she said, “It seems as if I was marrying for real. Everyone around me wanted to have a picture with me, from my co-actors to make up guys as they aren’t used to seeing me so dressed. I felt like a show stopper. It took me 4 hours to get ready in a Dulhaan’s look which was tiring and which made me realise I can’t do this for real.”


It will be quite interesting to watch how this show is going to turn out in the coming episodes with Noori and Rajbir’s marriage.


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