POMM INC www.privatepomm.com Atlanta — Georgia July 18, 2016 — POMM Inc. through its agent Crowdfondue have engaged Dealflow.com and Steven Dresdner to assist with its Crowdfunding Offering pursuant to Title IV, Reg. A+ Equity crowdfunding Campaign Raising $10 Million from accredited and non-accredited investors alike. This is a true revolution, people can make a difference no more complaining just back and invest in products and systems you believe in. do not let so called expert dictate what’s good for you, figure it out.  The POMM (Privacy on My Mind)  as the only true Encryption device for smartphone, it is not only a protective case, a battery and data storage but the only way to safeguard data and breaches, and if you try without being recognized biometrically to separate the hardware of the case with the smartphone the data will self-destructs.

POMM targets billions of iPhone and Android Smartphone users with a solution available for everyone. POMM's mature, unique technology for biometric smartphone security, encrypted storage and secured applications is ready for mass production and global market penetration

DealFlow.com is the leader in this market campaign and the POMM has high expectations from DEalFlow.com‘s expertise. https://dealflow.com

“In today's reality we are all sitting ducks for hackers searching to steal sensitive texts, emails, photos, videos and files stored on our cell phones or backed up on Internet cloud storage services using malware such as HummingBad, Xsser or WireLurker. It doesn’t take much computer hardware to capture your mobile number and listen in and record your phone conversations and take pictures with your smartphone’s camera while you’re inside your home or office when you are completely unaware that you are being watched.” Said David Freidenberg the company’s CEO.

- POMMTM — Privacy on My Mind.
The mobile security high-tech firm, POMM Inc.  has been working diligently on providing a cost-effective smartphone security case for the past six years. The company has been awarded multiple worldwide patents for its unique technology and is now raising money through an equity crowdfunding campaign on www.pommoffering.com on a leader site and agent shareholder, www.crowdfondue.com

“With the Exeprtise of JS Barkats, PLLC and Mr. Barkats a leader in startup law and crowdfunding we have successfully launched a capital raise under Reg. A+ and are achieving our goals”. - added Gila Fish the Chairman of the Board and Founder of the technology behind the Encryption system of the POMM. The money raised is for beginning mass production of the biometric security smartphone case technology and initiating a worldwide marketing campaign to sign up cell phone franchise stores, big box retail locations, resellers, distributors and hire manufacturer’s sales reps on an international basis.

This press release is not an offering circular and the $498.80 units (12 shares) can only be purchased after reviewing the entire Title IV, Reg. A+ offering circular and full disclosure information located on the Crowdfondue equity crowdfunding profile at: www.pommoffering.com. and approved as qualified by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission at: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1664303/000121390016013592/0001213900-16-013592-index.htm
Contact info
985 Citadel Dr. North East
Suite A
Atlanta Georgia, 30324
Via: [email protected]
Attn: David Freidenberg CEO