United States of America, 24, May 2016: Social media platforms have gone viral across the world and Facebook and Twitter are not the only ones. The two bigges are definitely the most popular but their success has drawn inspiration for similar platforms to come up. One such platform for a dedicated niche and purpose is the platform of Plattershare. It is for the Foodies, by the foodies and for food. The platform serves as a medium to connect food lovers, home chefs, professional chefs, food bloggers,Nutritionists, food business owners, and everyone who just loves food or cooking with each other. The web owners promote and describe this social media platform as an eco-system that helps people communicate and share their food interest, recipes, recipe blogs, etc. Using this platform is quite simple and pretty similar to what people have been doing on similar other platforms.

It intends to make the entire activity of cooking and eating an easy affair. It is open to all, be it the expert food professionals or the day to day cooking enthusiasts. People can not only discuss food, share recipes, or connect with alike, but also share pictures of their favourite recipes. It also gives a unique opportunity for recipe developers or cooking tutors to showcase their talent. With increased number of followers, one can get famous and be a known chef too. Similarly, food photographers that have been finding quite a popularity over the years can showcase their collection. Hence, there is everything and anything that one may do with food and related to food on this portal.

One of the largely used services is cooking blogs which people can maintain under their profiles. They can publish their favourite recipes and make them available for the other community members online. The popularity of this portal can be grasped from the kind of popularity and followers it has on Facebook. Hence, to start using their services, users may check out the page that is dedicate to offer the information about how it works? There are broadly three things that people would usually do on this platform, post their food story, publish & browse recipes, and promote their restaurants or other food businesses. To know more and stay updated as what’s happening and what’s in store, users can visit their website and register.

About Plattershare


Plattershare is an online social media platform that offers a unique opportunity to the food lovers, food enthusiasts, chefs and food business owners to stay connected with people alike. Users have the option of publishing their own recipes or browsing some of the tasty recipes published on their website by other users.