An increasing number of people are choosing to travel even overseas to find plastic surgeons in Medellin Colombia or in other areas from South America. If you are also thinking about having cosmetic surgery abroad, there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration. The cost of such a procedure is not the only aspect that needs to be researched when choosing between different plastic surgeons in Medellin Colombia. It is also the quality of their services, the experience they have, as well as the costs of the entire trip that matter when making such an important decision.


Having cosmetic surgery performed in the United States can prove to be a big expense because, just like the costs of the lifestyle, the prices for medical procedures are often equally high. On the contrary, in other countries with cheaper lifestyles, the prices will be lower. This doesn’t mean that the quality of the services of plastic surgeons in Bogota Colombia should be also lower. They have top-board certified plastic surgeons in Medellin Colombia as well. In fact, there are more than 750 cosmetic surgeons in Colombia who are specialists in their area of work. Statistics reveal that every year, over 320,000 plastic surgery procedures are performed in Colombia every year. More than half of the foreign patients of these surgeons come from the United States, but there are people who travel all the way from Europe, from countries such as Spain or Italy, just to obtain the desired cosmetic results.


Among some of the factors that recommend choosing plastic surgeons in Bogota Colombia or in any other city from the country is the fact that not only the prices are more affordable, but it is also the results that make these services so competitive. The low rates of complications, as well as the support received from the Government and the private sector of Colombia contribute to a higher quality of their services. Moreover, there is no doubt that travelling to this destination is also very easy. Citizens from North America, Spain and a big part of Western Europe don’t need any visa to enter the country. This reduces the costs and the time allocated for planning this medical travel.


Some plastic surgery services may come with a full package included. The facility where you choose to have your cosmetic surgery can provide accommodation or even transportation and other miscellaneous costs. This is one of the reasons why having a plastic surgery procedure abroad is often seen as medical tourism. Patients often gave the chance to enjoy their stay in the country of their choice during the whole medical process. From this point of view, Colombia is a great destination for medical tourists.



Have you considered switching to a much more affordable solution and look for plastic surgeons in Bogota Colombia? More than 50% of the surgeons from Colombia are in Bogota, but there is also a high number of plastic surgeons in Medellin Colombia.