When you have an online business, e-mail marketing can give you greater advantage. It is a very affordable solution and it also less time-consuming. You use the advantages of sending email masivo to a targeted group and motivate people to visit your web page. And this only takes a few minutes most of the times. Online tools, such as Newslettersoft provide all the support that you need to create a successful marketing campaign, including technical assistance, plantillas HTML and video tutorials in three different languages.


Email marketing focuses on using the advantages of social media to build a strong advertising campaign and attract a targeted market. It is not only a cost-effective solution, but also an environmental friendly method to reach your public. Spending huge amounts of money on promotional materials that will later become trash is pointless nowadays. Moreover, you don’t have to waste your time on finding the people that are actually interested in your services. In fact, those people come to you now. They decide if they want to receive your emails and you just need a few minutes to send your messages. There are special tools that can send email massivo to your list of contacts. For example, Newslettersoft, a 100% online tool with more than 7 years of existence and lots of experience in email marketing, can send millions of emails every day.


When you create a marketing campaign via newsletters, there are some little details that can make it more successful. For instance, if you send a welcome message to your subscribers, you show them you appreciation for the fact that they are interested in your services. Moreover, another detail that can improve your success is the visual content. All marketing strategies focus on image and email marketing is no exception to that. If you send a plain text, you are more likely to be considered not interesting. Besides that, it can be very tiring for the eyes to read a huge amount of information that is not well-organized. By using plantillas HTML, your emails become better organized and your readers can find the most important ideas much easier, which keeps them focused on your message.


Another great thing about sending email masivo to your clients is the fact that you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects. In spite of the fact that it is a 100% online tool, Newslettersoft guides you step by step to create your e-mail marketing campaign. The software even eliminates the errors and tells you what data to use. Besides that, Newslettersoft is available in English, Italian and Spanish so that you can obtain the maximum out of your campaign. All you need is to define your targeted market, build the content and decide how often you want to send the emails. Newslettersoft takes care of the rest!



Discover a wide variety of plantillas HTML from the selection provided by Newslettersoft or have your own personalized template! Newslettersoft gives you the opportunity to see how the email masivo strategy works by making available a 5 days demo tool.