Don’t let a power cut mess your plans and the small luxury you enjoy.  Just a little planning can make all your power go a little bit more palatable.

Power cuts are always most unwelcome, unexpected and unplanned.

AFL Products lists its top 5 tips about power cuts.

1. Remember to have mobile phones always charged. Once the electricity goes you won't be able to charge anything.

2. Decide what items you might like to have in a power cut that can be bought as a manual or battery operated.

3. During the powercut make sure any sensitive appliances such as TV's, satellite and computers are unplugged.

4. Leave a light on so when power is restored it is obvious.

5. Avoid opening the fridge or freezer more than necessary.

It is important to consider how one might keep a daily routine going. Include the basics but consider the smaller things that you enjoy.  For example our poll on facebook resulted in coffee and bbq.  Of course AFL products is biased with its love the manual coffee grinder(!

About AFL Products
AFL Products is a small family run business sourcing great products at great value. Specializing their Italian heritage, this company is currently focusing on the importance of fresh coffee available anywhere with their portable coffee grinder. Now offered with free brush + bag at the one-off price of $19.99.

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