United States of America; 22 August, 2014: Art is something that appeals to the aesthetic sensibility of not just the adults but also to that of the children. The children have a very keen sense of aesthetics which attracts them towards a piece of art naturally. This is the only reason why children and newborns are attracted towards beautiful and brightly colored flowers and birds. While they already have an aesthetic sensibility, it can be worked on and improved by exposing the children to more and more aesthetically appealing art and paintings. Filling up their rooms with beautiful paintings and art pieces will create a lively ambience and keep them happy and delighted at all times. InJoy Artistry believes in offering that happy feeling to the newborns and the children. They offer art and paintings that should appeal to the senses of the newborns and the children. They offer nursery art that in different forms and types to fill the rooms of the little ones with life and bliss. 

The art works at InJoy Artistry are done by Sarah Nehamen to especially appeal to the children. The paintings and other pieces of art are offered a modern twist so that the children love them. The themes for the paintings are those that the children should find attractive and appealing. The paintings made for the children are little different made for the newborns. While those for the little grown kids contain themes like that of animals and other things they find interesting, those for the newborns are color centric. The paintings are done in a way so as to etch them in memory for long. 

The art works and paintings offered by InJoy Artistry are printed with imaging techniques of museum quality which are lasting in nature and which do not bleed. The art works are made with a view to serve as a tool for learning for the toddlers. As they grow up, they look up at things and observe them for long. This helps them in learning. They offer the paintings in different categories which include animals, lifestyle, and inspiration. The paintings available on animal themes include Penguin Dance, Giraffemobile, Duckies, Puppy Love, Nursery Birds, etc. The lifestyle paintings include the likes of Colorful Pencils, Munchkin Maps, Icecream Forest, Rose Lamp, etc. 

The Inspiration themed paintings and artworks offered at http://www.injoyartistry.com include the likes of ABC Love, Flower Garden, Art Deco Birds, etc. The inspiration themes are most useful for the toddlers who would soon be going to the kindergarten. The inspiration paintings are bright and lively too. 

About InJoy Artistry: 


InJoy Artistry offers a collection of art works and paintings that are dedicated to appeal to the newborns and toddlers. The paintings and artworks are variously themed. For more information, please visit the website.