Physix Gear Sport Rolls Out a New Durable Loop Band Set and Online Video guide suited for all Fitness levels

Resistance Loop Bands have been extremely popular in the athletics and fitness arenas and within the alternative and health community, as well.  Similar to Weights and reflex therapy, Resistance Bands has spread from Rehab to the Home Gym, the novice and Professional athlete alike. The focus is on strength and muscle rehab development.  These Elastic bands assist athletes and Home users and the company Physix Gear Sport are now offering a new band set with bulk purchase opportunities, including an Online Fitness Video and Free Ebook Guide with every purchase.

Resistance Bands are not just for rehab anymore and are Shifting to catering to the Stay at Home Mom or traveler always on the road making the benefits and possibilities endless”, says spokesperson Adam Noah.  Physix Gear Sport has applied whole sale pricing across their launch. “Our new wholesale program was designed to put Resistance Loop Bands within an affordable cost range for Gyms, Personal Trainers, Rehab Centers, and Home Gym Individuals. By adding a comprehensive instant Online Video accessible from any smartphone free with each purchase, we make sure that there is no excuse for the novice who has never exercised with Fitness Bands”.

Physix Gear Sport doesn't  just offer wholesale to Large Organizations, their wholesale order program is suited for individuals even if 1 item.

Gyms are prime clients for the new Bands.  Warming up muscles with Physix Gear Sport Loop Resistance Bands prior to any rigorous exercise has proven to reduce injury and enhance performance.

Physix Gear bands are also key tools for Chiropractors, Complementary Physicians, and Alternative Sports Centers. Resistance Bands have become a tool of the therapeutic and alternative health community.  Proper Muscle care, circulation plus blood flow is an integral part of alternative therapy modalities.

“Our Resistance Bands come is Sets of 3 and 4, and are designed with the latest TPR strength Latex band material.  We are so confident in their strength that we provide a life time warranty on all bands,” says Adam Noah.  “Our objective is to build strong working relationships with each client and to ensure the product value surpasses all expectations.”
Resistance Loop Bands are also growing in popularity World Wide.  They are in all major Gyms, and professional sports facilities.  Those in the fitness, health, and Body Building communities who own and run businesses have a new supplier in Physix Gear Sport who are ready to assist with home gym, or fitness centers to provide top notch Resistance Loop Band Sets at affordable prices.

The Team at Physix Gear Sport is also sending a “Thank You” to all initial customers of the newly launched Resistance Loop Band Sets by providing a bonus 25% off the first purchase.
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