Adelaide, Australia, 10, May 2016: Many of us remember physics as a dreary slog through abstract equations and formulas, with little understand how they would apply to the real world. Today’s students face the same challenge and it is known that they are increasingly disinterested in STEM subjects. Australia faces the world’s 7th highest skills shortage, and the current education system is failing to fill the growing demand for STEM skills.


Enter PhoneLab. Through PhoneLab’s open source web apps and 3D printable labs, students are empowered to explore math, physics, and more through hands-on, phones-on experiences. The most powerful tool available to a student is sitting in their pocket, full of sensors and computing power that, when harnessed, can turn the entire world into a laboratory putting them in charge of their own learning.

“Kids can now visualize and experience through their phones, things that they struggle to understand — Our web services will soon guide students through their experiential learning, letting them experience the laws of nature directly through their phones ” said Dr.Sivam Krish founder of PhoneLabs. “PhoneLabs is not about the future, it is about what you can do with phones right now ”

The Design Entrepreneur Awards “were created to inspire the next generation of design entrepreneurs” and “were established on the foundation that technology innovations can improve people’s lives.” PhoneLabs will now go on to pitch at the Good Design Festival, a part of Vivid Sydney. PhoneLabs is currently being trialed at the Flinders University, University of Canberra, ANU , Harvard University and the Australian Science and Mathematics School where it was originally developed.

It has also launched a crowd funding campaign to fulfill the dream of giving every kid a Lab.

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