Peter England launches Peter England Generation store in Jaipur

-A unique retailing store that targets an entire generation-

Jaipur,:Peter England, India’s Most Loved Menswear brand, launches Peter England Generation. A unique concept store that helps the young professionals progress through the first decade of his professional life. The first Peter England Generation store of its kind in Rajasthan, on Tonk Road, Jaipur, will be opened to the patrons on the 21st of December.

A first of its kind retailing concept, this store helps the young professional journey through the four key life stages viz. (early 20’s, mid 20’s, late 20’s & early 30’s) with apparel that is designed to take care of his needs at each of these life stages. Thus enabling him to face the challenges, make the most of every opportunity and navigate his way through, in a key phase that defines his future.

Since its launch in India, Peter England has been the most trusted brand for the young Indian who is entering his work life. The brand has been ranked yet again in the apparel category in the recently published “ET Most Trusted Brand Survey 2013’’.

 Though, the brand’s efforts, in terms of product development and marketing activities have always been centered around  the “early entrant”, it has attracted people from across age groups, nevertheless. Research conducted over the years, has further strengthened our belief, that it’s not just people in their early and mid 20s, but also younger and older age groups alike that constitute our loyal consumer base. The role Peter England has played in their lives early-on in their career, and continues to play in those critical moments through their lives, is the bond that binds our consumers to the brand.

Dedicated efforts to understand these age groups, that together form the first decade of a young Indian’s professional life, revealed interesting and insightful facts about this generation. Four distinct yet homogeneous segments were identified where the consumer’s needs and expectations from apparel changed through each life stage along the tipping points triggering the transition from one stage to another.

The early 20s segment is the college going youth dreaming about the future and getting ready for responsibility. Though their spending power is limited, their versatility helps them stay in trend with unique looks created by interesting ways of putting clothes together.

Young Indians in their mid 20s, who are in the early years of their career, forms the second life stage. In a corporate space that’s new to them, they navigate their way forward, create impressions and try to belong to a world that’s exciting and brimming with opportunities. As he progresses in life, he reaches a stage where he is ready for the responsibilities that lie ahead.

This is the third life stage, where he embraces a new phase with his life partner, a stage when there are multiple occasions in his life and he has to be at his best for each of them.

Years make him refined and discerning. He invests in re-skilling and rediscovering himself. While he keeps the young side of him alive, he gets ready for a splendid future that lies ahead. This is what is captured in the fourth life stage.

An understanding of the aspirations and needs of these four life stages led to the launch of Peter England Generation. A brand that has been the mentor and guide to its consumers for years gets ready to partner with today’s young generation in their journey towards a great future, with this store. Designed by internationally renowned retail designers â€˜Dalziel & Pow, this store that spreads across 5300 sq. ft. reflects the journey of today’s generation from the first life stage to the fourth in an endearing manner across two floors. It depicts the worlds of the life-stages with visual identities appealing to each group in their tonality, attitude, colours, props and last but not the least - the unique product offerings. This stores’ ability to make the consumer feel at home in his respective zones, among the products of his taste sets it apart from any other brand or store.

Product offerings

The emphasis in the first life stage is on casual wear. PE Jeans, a line of innovations in jeans which includes products like Oxygeans that saves up to 80 liters of water in the making of each pair, Oxy-gen that can go without a wash as it resists dirt, Vintage jeans which are distressed & rugged looking, Sculpted jeans which gets its unique wash and effects from the way a user wears it, & Neon jeans which are inspired from the concept of ‘glow in the dark’. These jeans have a contrast colour on the folds. A range of

In the second life stage the focus is on Work Casuals for the work life and Hangout Casuals for a great time with friends outside work.

Formal wear that has been the forte of Peter England for years is what the third life stage is all about. A line of perfectly crafted suits, blazers and wedding apparel makes this section unique. Adding to it is the newly launched Peter England Traditions, a line of ethnic wear.

Stage 4 represents the rejuvenated you. The hunt is on for apparel which takes you to the next level, apparel which set you for the successes ahead, your evolved taste and discernment and adds a flavor of International appeal and class while keeping you fresh and young.

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