11, May 2016: Airwheel is noted as a scooter-maker who is attentive to the details and user experience. The user-oriented design makes for the great success of Airwheel. Hereby we will go into details about these design on details of Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent scooter S8.

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Contrary to the previous design of Airwheel electric self-balancing hoverboards, Airwheel S8 adopts C-shaped bodywork design. The different design plays an important role in the performance. The reason why Airwheel changed the structural design is to create a better ride. In order to foster a safe and stable ride experience, Airwheel started to use the C-shaped bodywork design. It is not only the change in shape of bodywork, but also a sea change in performance. The C-shaped structure serves as a buffer against the tossing when Airwheel S8 runs on the bumpy road. Airwheel S8 is equipped with a saddle. Sitting on the saddle and making his way on the bumpy road, the rider of Airwheel S8 will not feel the vibration at all.


Airwheel introduces the large hub to Airwheel S8. On the both side of Airwheel S8 are there the two jumbo tyres. The diameter of the tyres reach as much as 10 inch. The large tyres enable Airwheel S8 to easily smoothly pass some tough terrains. Even Airwheel can go down the steps with the big tyres. Riding Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter S8, the rider will not be faced up with the limitation of road status.


For safety, Airwheel set up two tail lights on the back of Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S8. When Airwheel S8 brakes or stop, the pedestrians or automotive can clearly see the tail lights so that avoid it. The design of tail lights serves to protection and reminding. Even the rider scoots about at night, he is also reassured because of its tail lights. These examples go to prove the attentiveness to details.

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