Airwheel C5 color intelligent helmet successfully combines riding with entertainments. Riders can enjoy photography, music, as well as wireless phone calls with Airwheel C5. With C5 smart helmet, riding is no longer a tiring and boring sport, instead, it becomes the most interesting and relaxing way for daily commuting or body building.

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Airwheel C5 cool street bike helmet is having colorful recreational functions as Airwheel C5 Bluetooth helmet is able to realize wireless connections with mobile phones and the mobile contents can be transmitted between the helmet and mobile phones.

With Airwheel C5, riders can easily answer the phone calls with the helmet on head with two hands free from the mobiles. Besides, riders are able to enjoy the beautiful music play transmitted from mobile music player while riding on road. Unlike traditional earphones, the built-in earphones of C5 can effectively keep the sounds outside the helmet identifiable and riders will not be shield from sounds out of the helmet.

Apart from recreational functions, Airwheel C5 color sports helmet is designed to provide riding comforts for riders. C5 is smartly designed with two outlets placed on the top of the head and back side head respectively. The humanized design of outlets of C5 smart helmets can ventilate the helmet so that riders will not feel uncomfortable and stuffiness when they wear the helmet for a long-time riding. Moreover, the tiny and beautiful good-looking C5 is featured by light weight of 425g only, and the light-weight design will reduce the pressure for user.

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Airwheel C5 cool street bike helmet also works as a guardian for road safety. In cold winter, wearing C5 smart helmet can keep rider warm and protects riders from possible hurts from riding. The material is poly carbonate and inner soft side of the helmet is filled with imported epispastic material and can protect the head from being hurt by strikes or crashes. Most young and passionate young riders love playing with riding tricks with C5 as the sports helmet can effectively protect them from getting hurts.

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