Shanghai — Nowadays, with the publish knowing for the famous international city Shanghai, more and more people from other countries prefer to live and work at this city because the opportunity in this city is very widely. The growing number of the foreign population has produced new problem about house renting. The majority of foreign people do not have the ability to afford the monthly fee of one person apartment so most of them choose co-renting with other co-tenants. This way is heard of very well but there are also some complicated problems which people should care for. Today, the most excellent Shanghai apartment renting agency would tell people these problems about co-renting.

The first point is that people should pay attention to selecting co-tenants. MS Lee who is the manager from maxviewrealty said:¡±people should try to find good friends, classmates and other acquaintances people as the co-tenants. Please do not find stranger as your co-renting companion. This point is very crucial.¡±

Second, if people have no choice but co-rent with stranger. Each other should provide shared diploma, certificate and a copy file to confirm the identity of each other. On the other hand, other basically information such as family and mother country should also be checked out.

The co-tenants should together pay the house renting fee. Furthermore, people should pay special attention to the rent paying proportion before sharing the room. The best implementation of various types of thing about money should be the same paying amount of each other. Second, co-tenant must respect each other and non-interference in each other privacy. Particular attention to security issues especially for single girls who should be properly prepared to do some contingency. Girl could give the phone number to good friend or bring a friend over to see and so on. If people do not want to deal with these boring things, they could hand over these boring things to professional agency such as

It is best to setting a gentleman’s agreement before the co-renting. This could help people avoid many future disputes. The agreement should be related to sharing proportion, the space occupied, home cleaning problem, food issues and what time should keep quiet. In short, this agreement should be as detailed as enough.

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