Karan Patel is very happy with his show doing so well in a late night time slot. The actor who essays the role of Raman Bhalla in YehHainMohabbatein on Star Plus has been getting a lot of feedback about being an angry young man. While there are a few who would take offence to this statement, Karan really enjoys this feedback.
Karan feels that he is pretty much same off screen and even on screen. “I am not a diplomatic person and I am very frank and on the face. This is the reason why very often people get me wrong and tend to misquote.” he says.
While the rumor mills are on and they say that all is not well between Karan and his on-screen wife the actor commented, “Divyankais very cooperative and we get along really well. Working together for so long in the show, we have developedgreat understanding. Even if one of us improvises in a scene, the other one gets it and picks it up from there. It really helps to deliver a fine performance.”
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