Houston, TX — PearlsOnly.com, a website dedicated to selling authentic pearls online, has announced its new partnerships with TheKnot.com as well as Bed Bath & Beyond.

According to the owners of PearlsOnly.com, the two new partnerships were created to help expand the market for Pearls Only while generating additional revenue for both partners. All parties involved are excited about their new partnerships, and feel each will benefit significantly from the decision.

TheKnot.com is the Internet’s most-trafficked one-stop wedding planning solution, and is considered America’s leading wedding brand. The company reaches millions of engaged couples each year through their website as well as traditional advertising. Since Pearls Only as well as The Knot both have a similar target audience, the partnership was deemed beneficial by both parties.

Bed Bath & Beyond also has a similar target audience, which triggered interest in Pearls Only. With its Bridal & Gift Registry, Bed Bath & Beyond also targets engaged women, giving Pearls Only the opportunity to market to their customers as well. By partnering with Pearls Only, the Bed Bath & Beyond has added a new line of products to its store, increasing revenue and giving its customers a fresh new wedding idea.

By partnering with these two companies, Pearls Only has not only expanded their company and increased revenue, they have also positioned themselves as authorities within their niche. The company is low considered the top online seller of Akoya pearls within the country.

Pearls Only is offers free shipping as well as up to 80% the retail price of all luxury pearls. Top items include Akoya pearls, pearl earrings , pearl necklace , and all other types of pearls. The company boasts of its 200,000 + happy customers, and also offers a certificate of authenticity in the form of a free certificate appraisal. Pearls Only also has a perfect rating with the better business bureau, and keeps user information safe by taking the necessary precautions on their website www.pearlsonly.com

For more information on the recent partnerships, or to order luxury pearls at 80% off, please visit their website at www.pearlsonly.com

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Pearls Only is an online company dedicated to selling authentic luxury pearls online for guaranteed low prices.

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