Nairobi, Kenya; 28, May 2016: Personal Development Analysis is often considered as an effective tool to help assess the qualities and motivation level of candidates, appearing for an interview. This behavioral assessment tool helps companies to look into the key personality traits of a candidate and helps in the right employee hiring. Lafayette-Resources.Com brings Personal Development Analysis training in Kenya with their first PDA accreditation workshop in Kenya from 25th to 27th May in Nairobi.

The PDA workshop reveals that behavioral patterns are unique and how interviewers can assess the personality traits of a candidate using the PDA. The insights help identifying the key talents and avoid common mistakes of hiring. Many times, hiring mistakes can result into an inclusion of a wrong person in the company’s team. This can not only devastate the business prospects of an organization, but could also prove detrimental to their reputation. By bringing PDA in Kenya, Lafayette-Resources.Com aims at empowering companies with a proven interview technique that focuses on hiring of right and talented people.

Many companies worldwide are using PDA as a tool to select, manage and develop talents. Now, companies operating in Kenya will have the same competence of choosing the talented candidates with the help of an insightful Personal Development Analysis of the job aspiring candidates. In the recent times, the PDA has been scientifically verified to offer credible results with a 90% reliability rate. This simple methodology allows human resource experts to understand the needs, behaviors and motivation level of candidates, and gain an insight into their natural personality traits. With a better understanding of strengths as well as limitation of a candidate, it is possible to hire right candidates for a company.

Lafayette-Resources.Com allows HR professionals to become Certified PDA Analysts in Kenya with their PDA accreditation training programs. The training will help them gain the knowledge and insights, required to assess the personality traits of a candidate. To learn more about the PDA training opportunity in Kenya, one can visit the website

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